Idea Development: Aamna

I am the sort of person who has always paid a lot of attention to detail – so I wanted to choose the perfect pictures to use in my individual video. I regard history and culture with much passion and believe that the little moments you experience in life may affect you or shape the person you are as much as the big ones, if not more. I chose to style my video in a very straight-forward manner without using much symbolism. I chose obvious images of my life (in chronological order) from when i was younger, to days in school and college, to professional life and finally here, in Nottingham, as a student.


I added pictures of significant countries that i either lived in, visited or that hold a special place in my heart, as i feel your surroundings also contribute to your sense of identity. 


I most definitely wanted to showcase some of the work i had done; sketches  paintings or moodboards created as a student, and work achieved as designer for a company. After all, the work that you produce is very much like an extension of yourself.


I also added pictures that represented personal traits such as a love of organising (thought not necessarily following!) or perhaps a love of travelling and languages.

Image  Image

I chose images of moments in history or in my life that i feel affected me or influenced me in one way or the other.


Last, but not the least, i chose some representative words to go along with the pictures. As much as we like to avoid being labelled or objectified, there are some truths about ourselves that we embrace happily and would like to continue to project as long as it makes us happy.



Art Of Projection

Video installation is a contemporary art method that combines video technology with installation art. It is an art form that utilizes all aspects of its surrounding environment as a vehicle of affecting the audience. Its origins tracing back to the birth of video art in the 1970s, it has increased in popularity as the means of digital video production have become more readily accessible. Today, video installation is ubiquitous, visible in a range of environments—from galleries and museums to an expanded field that includes site-specific  work in urban or industrial landscapes. Popular formats include monitor work, projection, and performance. The only requirements are electricity  and darkness.

One of the main strategies used by video-installation artists is the incorporation of the space as a key element in the narrative structure. This way, the well-known linear cinematic narrative is spread throughout the space creating an immersive ambient. In this situation, the viewer plays an active role as he/she creates the narrative sequence by evolving in the space. Sometimes, the idea of a participatory audience is stretched further in interactive video installation. Some other times, the video is displayed in such a way that the viewer becomes part of the plot as a character in a film.

Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective by Tony Conrad.

“Good Girl is an interactive live performance with 3 video-projections in real live size.
The performer (me) is dressed in white cloth and wears white make-up on the whole body, which creates another constructed projection surface. She is performing in front of the projection surface and is projection surface herself. Additionally she is walking from one video projection into the next, changing between the roles of the 3 videos: 1. a neat girl who smiles in a garden of roses; 2. a brave schoolchild doing gymnastic exercises with discipline; 3. a long-haired elegant woman bowing polite to all passing people. These 3 stereotypes show the expectations, which society holds, like images which are projected on us. It is our aim to become such a human for our whole life. Using this projection metaphor the performer uses her body expression to match these stereotypes, one by one, like we play the different roles in our everyday life.”

Projection Art Photography by Marc Philbert

“Austin based photographer, Davis Ayer, presents light projection as art on a living, breathing canvas. With every image, he blends the projections of urban scenes with the curves of the woman’s body.”
<a href="">WEBSITE

“In Chris Milk’s The Treachery of Sanctuary, people took turns watching their silhouettes sprout wings, and even whole flocks of birds. The exhibit uses the motion-sensing capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect to project fantastical avian-themed silhouettes onto ceiling-high white displays.”

Jenny Holzer, 2007

“Beginning in the summer of 2009, 3D projection mapping saw an explosive growth in demand, spawning a long list of impressive architectural screenings of 3D videos, many of them sponsored by corporate advertisers for international brands like Samsung, Ralph Lauren, BWM and Nokia among others.”

Fashion Collections and Photography using projections

Bassike S/S 2010

At the Sydney S/S 2010 Fashion week, designer Bassike featured a collection inspired by a film depicting nature. The director, Gemma Lee, shot through some glass prisms which refracted and distorted the image, creating a unique visual experience.


Eva Mueller is a fashion photographer who has produced a wide range of work that using colour projections of images onto nude models. These effect is striking because the sharpness of the images against the skin of the models sometimes looks as though they have been painted or digitally manipulated.


In her work, titled “the Projection of Dreams”, fashion photographer Olga Kuvardina has used the model as a canvas for art with imagery.




At the Paris F/W 2012 Fashion Week, light projection on gowns and sets served as a retelling of the old French fairytale, Donkey Skin, while showcasing Haute Couture collection of Franck Sorbier.


My Journey: Mary-Joy & Video Development

I moved a lot as a child because i was born into a family full of RAF people, I lived in Ipswich, Germany, Finningley, Leeming, Brighton, Wittering, i think because of all this moving i don’t like staying in one place for very long and get very bored of situations easily (this could be something to explore within my section of the video be it through editing, or chaoticness) I think moving a lot even though it has mainly been around in England was a really good childhood experience as there was always new places to visit and explore.


When my dad left the raf we moved to grantham where I went to an all girls school and found it difficult to make friends, and was bullied a bit. But its not something i look back on and hate because I like spending time alone. I spent lunchtimes in the IT room and I used my free time to teach myself software such as photoshop and web design. I became really interested in all things entertainment wise, books, tv and films, and I used to get paid to design and code fan-sites, this was my first step into the world of design.


Because of this when it came to college I instantly knew that I wanted to study a BTEC in graphic design, and later on at university got into my first choice at NTU. It wasn’t until nearing the end of my second year of university I realised I could combine my love of tv/films with graphic design in the form of motion graphics.

Start 20 seconds is filmed of like maps to symbolise lots of moving about, I want to incorporate little illustrated animations of memorable experiences from each place

Then the final map part is like where I live now (grantham) and YOU ARE HERE.

Which will then transition into a silhouette of a girl and multiply (to symbolise the all girls school i went to) these will move about a bit and then one will single out and create me, and represent me being alone. Like the fact that I didn’t really fit in at school made me interested in the things I am today and how I taught myself the software and became interested in design. The vector silhouette will split into four sections to show my hobbies and interests, this is sort of a visual metaphor of like me being alone = why I chose the hobbies I did.

and then in these boxes are illustrated animations of like hobbies and interests. All going on at once.

Kallina’s Journey

I am born on 26th September 1978 at 16:26, this is my Human Design chart it was formed at the time of my birth and it represents in my real personality without all the conditioning that I have received while growing up. From the moment of my birth my mission in life is to grow as a person and be close to the essence of who I really am. It also represents my interest in the mystical and also the the personal development work I have done and am doing, which is a central part of my life.



The image of the heart represents that I am human and I am alive and excited. It is a picture taken of a doormat which made the heart somewhat more real.

I like things to be told with visual stories that is why I played around with making that little animated ladybird. My name in Bulgarian means Ladybird and I have somewhat an attachment because of that to anything that is ladybird like. The lady bird represents me from the start and my journey which is from the heart. The ladybird travels into the open window which represents  how I view the world and my perception of it.

The view through the window which represents my world starts with an airplane. Traveling and airplanes were always central to my life. My parents work in the airline and travel industry therefore I have lived in various places in my childhood like Dubai, Singapore and England and have not stopped traveling since. So this represents a very central part of my life and my desire to constantly be on the move.

The video was taken from a stock site:

The image of my husband and son represent a very important time of my life and the 8 years of having my own family. Unfortunately life is of a transient nature and I am going through a separation at the moment which is probably the hardest thing I have done in my life. This image is taken at the seaside which is a place on the black sea where I have spend most of my summers and is central to my life as well.

Nothing last forever image taken from

The landscape images that follow are images of places and experiences relevant to me.

The images of me represent my own inner journey and how I have changed.

the freedom image is taken from

The images of my son and my mother represent what a big role my family play in my life. I come from a family which is very close.

The image of me looking out of the window represents me in Nottingham., Me looking out into the street it is a reflection of the direction I am heading in since I am here. It caries a certain kind of sadness but hope and inspiration for the future at the same time.

Work in progress

Work In progress

Research and Development on interlinking imagery.

Our idea is going to be seven different sections inside one singular video, so we wanted to explore how we could show the separate journeys within one image.

(Two images weaved together by Lyn)


Split screen a love story is a video we liked because it showed two journeys and how they end up at the same place looking at each other directed by Marianne Kuopanportti, we think this is an effect way of using a split screen by having them interact and create a whole image this is something we want to explore in our own video.

The World is where we live was an advertising campaign for WWF, aswell as thinking about how are journeys interconnect in a literal way (such as both people have travelled lots) we might also think about how the images work together visually.

Testing the space for the projection

Measuring the space for the projection.

Measuring all seven of us across the screen

Testing which way we should stand at the screen

Testing the space

Upon completion of the video, we stood in a line once more to study how the video would actually look whilst the images were projected on us. 

Testing in a dark room.

Black and White

The final step was to observe the effect of projected imagery on a dark base as opposed to lighter tones. We finally decided that the images were clearer and made a better impact on white cloth/material.